Who are we

Plan is a Saudi company specialized in organizing exhibitions and conferences by providing marketing as well as media services with innovative ideas to be a successful plan for your project and a part of your success


our vision

To be the ideal plan in organizing conferences also exhibitions, moreover we aspire to expand and reach a global level in providing our services to the fullest

What do we offer

We study your needs and aspirations to come up with a plan commensurate with your goals, then we take the procedural steps to implement them in a sequential journey with cooperation as well as integration between the various resources and areas that we direct our services also products towards to come up with results that are consistent with your goal , to achieve your success that is reflected on us moreover yearn for it

Our goal

Meeting all the needs of our clients by relying on executive planning strategies in the organization to achieve the highest standards of professional work

Our services

Customer’s Journey

We take you on a journey from the sequential stages starting from a comprehensive conception to transforming it into an application on the ground in a fragmented as well as a codified way by supporting it with the activities and services we provide. We will be committed to your project to ensure its success with the best possibilities when implemented


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